"I found Mold Stoppers on TrustDale.com. I called them and spoke with Joe.  We spoke for a few minutes about the suspicions I had of mold in our basement. He was so detailed in his questions, he actually asked if I had any health issues that would be exacerbated by mold. He came to our home to inspect it the same day.

He did a very thorough inspection. Because we had caught it very early, he explained how we could get rid of it.  He could have easily taken advantage of my ignorance in the situation (and gained business) by making it a bigger deal than it was, but he didn't.  I am so incredibly impressed with his integrity. I would definitely recommend his company to anyone I know.

On a side note, I had previously called the well known national chain ; their administrative person spoke to me and told me I would hear from an inspector in an hour.  That call never came. Thank you to them for NOT returning that call!

Thanks Joe and Mold Stoppers! You're the best!" - Cheri Brown

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