I I wanted to take a minute to put into words how much one of your employees has changed our lives. I know that sounds corny and ridiculous but it is true. 

Last summer, an idiot contractor busted a pipe in our wall and never turned off the water main. In July. The damage was extensive and mold quickly spread. My family had to move out of the house during cleanup and continued demo. We were scared to use whoever the insurance company recommended so we took the referral from our plumber and called Moldstoppers. Entered Duane Wilkinson. He not only called us back within minutes, he showed up the SAME day which was after hours and set a plan up for us. He even went to his own home and brought over a dehumidifier to use until we could get to the store the next day. He made himself available to work around and between walls being torn down and plasterers putting them back up. He even went as far as to intricately detail the invoice for our insurance company and lawyer. When we were finally able to move back in, we did so with the peace of mind knowing our home was mold free. 

He did such a great job we called him back to spray the walls in our bathrooms as they were remodeled, and this last week two bedrooms that had to have walls torn down and more. He has always gone above and beyond with making sure we have everything we need and are living in a clean home. 

In fact, weeks before closing on a new home, we had Duane come with us to do his own inspection (since termite/moisture and inspectors can’t legally call mold mold) and his services kept us from buying a mold infested home that had been improperly treated/untreated for years. 

We have referred him out to many many friends and family and even consider him part of our family now. He will periodically stop by just to see how we’re doing and even brought our two year old son a hot wheel and soon to be baby girl a teddy bear. 

As a business owner myself, I fully realize the difficulty in finding and keeping honest hard workers-and you have a gem of a man with Duane. He speaks very highly of the company in general and those at corporate (specifically Prentis-who he says basically keeps the company running!). So thank you for what you company does and for maintaining your integrity through your workers. 

Sarah Kelley

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